Concerns Over Speed Variations on Industrial Drive, Mayfield

today11 July 2024

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The speed limit on Industrial Drive, Mayfield, set at 80 km/h, has become a contentious issue among drivers and locals. Many drivers reportedly travel at 60 km/h or slower, causing potential safety hazards, especially around corners where some continue at the full 80 km/h.


Divergent Community Views

Phillip Martinelli highlighted a lack of sufficient speed signs as a primary cause of confusion. Michael Harrison supports maintaining the 80 km/h limit, criticising the potential for increased speed traps. In contrast, Louise Murphy suggests lowering the speed limit due to the road’s perceived race-track-like usage, a sentiment echoed by several others.


Signage Issues and Safety Concerns

AJ James pointed out the need for more 80 km/h signs, especially after intersections, to remind drivers of the speed limit. Clayton Ees and Thomas White emphasised the importance of caution, noting that the road’s legal speed might not always reflect safe driving conditions, particularly given the traffic volume and road bends. A Newy 87.8 FM volunteer expressed his frustrations about drivers maintaining low speeds even on the straightest sections of Industrial Drive.


Call to Action

Newy 87.8 FM is considering further investigation into the signage issue and plans to address Transport for NSW with an open letter. The goal is to find a solution that ensures drivers are aware of the posted speed limit no matter which side street they enter Industrial Drive from.

The debate continues as residents and commuters weigh in on the debate on the Newy 87.8 FM Facebook page.

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industrial drive mayfield
Industrial Drive Mayfield

Written by: Newy Staff

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