Ways To Listen

  • FM Radio 
  • Listen Online 
  • Google Smart Speakers 
  • Alexa Smart Speakers 
  • Optus D2 Satellite in Australia and New Zealand.

FM Radio - 87.8FM

Simply set your radio to 87.8 FM in Newcastle, Tumbi Umbi and The Entrance (Somersby transmitter comes online next month).

Google Home

To stream our station say ‘Hey Google, stream Newy 87.8FM’ or ‘Hey Google, stream Newy 87.8FM on Tunein’

That Didn’t Work? 

Make sure your device is powered on, has an internet connection and doesn’t have it’s microphone muted. Try saying the phrase in a slightly different way. ‘Hey Google, play Newy 87.8FM in Newcastle’.

Need to setup Google Home? 

You can find more information on setting up your Google home device by visiting the Google Help section for Google home.

Setup Gudie 

Alexa (Amazon Speaker)

To stream on your Amazon device Say ‘Hey Alexa, stream Newy 87.8FM’ or ‘Alexa, stream Newy 87.8FM on Tunein’


  • Tunein – Adnroid & iOS, Xbox 
  • Online Radio Box App


Newy 87.8 FM is available across Australia and New Zealand via the Optus D2 satellite. This is a free service that can be received if you have a satellite dish and receiver pointed at Optus D2.
Direction: 152 Deg. East
Frequency: 12518 GHz
Beam: NANZ
Transmission: DVB-S
Symbol Rate: 22500
Polarization: Vertical
FEC: 3/4