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Evocca College NEWCASTLE Opening w Dep.Mayor Brad Luke

today10 September 2014

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LIVE Wednesday from 10am Evocca College’s campus in Newcastle will hold its official opening on Wednesday, 10 September. Presentations will begin at 10am, followed by the unveiling of a commemorative plaque by Newcastle’s Deputy Lord Mayor Cr Brad Luke.

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The official opening will be attended by local dignitaries, business owners, community members, Evocca staff, students and their families who have all been invited to mark the special occasion.

Branch Manager Sue Norman said the opening will be a momentous celebration, with a multitude of diplomas now being offered to the local community through Evocca College.

“We’re thrilled to be officially opening the college and its flexible learning courses, which are tailored to individual student’s needs and help them reach their goals,” Ms Norman said.

“We hope people will see the benefit of our college and its courses in creating a better, fairer and more productive Newcastle by fulfilling the need for an educated workforce.”

The campus offers diplomas in business, business administration, management, and human resources management.

Evocca College has experienced amazing success across Australia and offers several business, community services, IT, and multimedia courses across 30 campuses throughout Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland.

Evocca College is a nationally accredited registered training organisation (RTO) offering nationally recognised qualifications. These qualifications equip students with industry skills and knowledge. Evocca College has been approved by the Australian Government to offer VET FEE-HELP assistance to their students and was named 2013 VET Provider of the Year at Australian Council for Private Education and Training’s Awards for Excellence.

Transcript of Councillor Brad Luke’s Speech

I would like to invite the deputy Lord Mayor, Councillor Brad Luke to say a few words.

#Applause Thank you. Thank You.

Thank you everyone, firstly on behalf of Newcastle I would like to welcome you here, in particular the senior management for coming to Newcastle. We love getting senior management from every organisation here, because that’s how you get them to bring the money here. I did have some notes but I am going to leave them because most of them have been talked about by the other staff, as I often get in trouble for, I will skip what the chief of staff has written for me to say and I will just do it off the cuff.

Really, education is one of the most important things you can have in life. There is two sides, one is the society side and one is the individual. Education is what’s going to give you the confidence to actually take advantage of the opportunities it gives you, and there’s the two parts of that, you’ve gotta have the opportunities. Education will enable you to get opportunities that you otherwise won’t see, to change your life to take it to places that you may not expect, but you also have to have the confidence and that’s the confidence to grab the opportunities and not let them go by, so really, what I would suggest is grab as much opportunity as you can, grab the education that you can and use it to move as far forward as you possibly can and use it to move into higher and higher education as you go along, as you build you confidence, take advantage of that and move as high as you can. Where you end up in life doesn’t decide on where you start.

Personally I grew up in housing commission, for people who know this area I grew up in Hamilton South and Windale. Today, a lot of people assume that if you grow up in that area you can’t end up anywhere in the world. Where at the moment, I am acting lord mayor of Newcastle and I am a CEO running a business with about 50 employees and managing about 2 billion dollars. You can actually move ahead, all that occurs from that is Education, it’s not a matter of when you left school, but what the next step is in your education, that’s the thing that will have the most determinative impact on where you end up in life is what you do next, not what you’ve done in the past.

The other side to remember and this is where it’s really important for places like Evocca College and what they are actually doing here in Newcastle, is the social impact and the economic impact in the city. The economic standard of any city is really governed by the education level of all of it’s citizens. The higher those education levels are, not just for people at one level but for all of the citizens, the higher of our economic standard is within Newcastle. Very simply, the higher you get your education standard all of Newcastle improves because of it, if everybody’s education is able to be increased a little bit, it improves our entire city, so what you are actually doing with your education as well as improving yourself, you are actually improving our city to a massive extent, so I want to thank you for that and also thank Evocca College for making this facility here and bringing it to Newcastle, I know it’s a one year birthday but that is actually having a massive impact to improve the economic standard of our city by having you here.

In finishing, thank you very much for coming here, I want to wish everyone who’s doing their course best of luck, no matter how hard it gets at different times, just keep on moving ahead, don’t ever give up, persistence is the biggest skill that anybody can have, if you persist you will always be moving ahead. Thank you very much.


Thank you, well done. #Applause Congratulations.

Well done. And I want you to cut the cake. I don’t want to go through the middle of it.


Well done, thank you very much. #Applause

Written by: huntertvnsw

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today10 September 2014

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