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ALL producers welcome

Hunter Television aims to accept ALL programs that relate to the Hunter (Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens, Hunter Valley and the Upper Hunter).

Programs need to meet our quality, legal or policy requirements. So producers can ensure their program is fit to air, we will provide advice and training to producers.

We have four types of programming:

  • Scheduled programs run for between 24 and 25 minutes with between two and four ad breaks. Typically this type of show will be produced on an editing program and will be scheduled in our Electronic Program Guide and on our website. The show may run between one and five times over a week.
  • Live shows can be delivered to us via satellite or IP and can be from an amateur or professional producer.
  • If you have footage relating to breaking news or an important current event, we are able to break into current programming and put it to air.
  • We are open to switching to an alternative playout centre (e.g., at a TAFE institution or university) for set periods of time to allow the institution to “take over the station” for student training or the broadcast of live events. (We would require a censor to be present in our MCR to ensure inappropriate content does not go to air.)

Hunter Television Programming: Opportunities

Hunter Television can arrange an outside broadcast anywhere in Newcastle. For music, sports or other type venues that are on air regularly, Hunter Television can install permanent HD IP cameras and take an audio feed from your venue’s audio mixer. We have created a suggested list of programming below:

  • Local fishing shows.
  • Hunter-based sports games.
  • Hunter sports teams playing away from the Hunter.
  • Hunter council meetings.
  • Hunter documentaries.
  • Community noticeboards.
  • Hunter-produced television shows.
  • Productions from outside the Hunter that relate to the Hunter.
  • Amateur home video in the Hunter.
  • Live chat or phone-in programs hosted in the Hunter.
  • Local Children’s programs.
  • Locally produced music.
  • Tourist information.
  • Live coverage of band nights at the local pub.
  • Opinion and review programs produced locally.
  • DJs playing in the Hunter.
  • Hunter dance competitions.
  • Local short films produced in the Hunter or by Hunter producers.
  • Special coverage of the opening of Hunter roads (e.g., Hunter Expressway)
  • Local religious or ethnic programming.

[message_box title=”” text=”Programs submitted to Hunter Television must be produced in the Hunter or have some connection with the Hunter Region to satisfy our licence regulations. (This rule excludes sponsors.)”]

Technical Specifications

Hunter Television only accepts video files, we can accept files in most formats and resolutions however we recommend the following formats.

H264 Progressive (Preferred)
Target: 32megabits
Max: 40megabits
Frame Rate: 25 Frames per second (fps)
Key Frame Interval: 50

Audio: 48khz stereo, 384kbps.

Don’t export as NTSC
Don’t export as Interlaced.
Only submit videos at 25fps.

If you wish to use any other format. Please contact us first and we will try an accommodate it however most editing software will support the above format.

NOTE: If you use a 720p camera, only encode your program at 720p, do not encode at a higher resolution than your source video.

You may send your files via post, or to our dropbox account. We will soon accept ads via Dubsat MediaPro.

Hunter Television uses Adobe Premiere Pro for basic video editing and we recommend it for new producers, you can try it for free then pay $19 a month, or purchase the software outright.

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