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`Thank You` – Benn Allsop

Benn Allsop is a Novocastrian Musician who has just released his debut track `Thank You`. The original version was shared worldwide in the media including American Actor Ashton Kutcher. Version 2   Version 1

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Mitch Capone

Mitch Capone was captivated by the golden era of swing at the age of 18. He began making guest appearances in Newcastle with the ‘Dungeon Big Band’, performing classic tunes of Frank Sinatra & the Ratpack. When he auditioned for a local Newcastle theatre production of “Shout - The musical” he won the role of Cole Joy and was introduced to the wild sounds of 50s Rock n Roll. Mitch […]

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Connor Wink

Connor Wink is a talented blind performer from Charlestown in Newcastle NSW Australia. He performed at the media launch for the Newcastle Regional Show in February 2015. [videoembed type="youtube" url="" title="0" playbar="1"]

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Kamahl performs `My Home` at Newcastle

Kamahl performs `My Home` at the 2015 Citizenship Ceremony and Australia Day Awards at Newcastle City Hall. His song are the thoughts of a person who has come here from their home land to make a new home in Australia. [videoembed type="youtube" url=""]

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Echology Choir from UoN

Echology from UoN Chamber Choir (University of Newcastle) performs at the 2015 Australia Day Awards and Citizenship Ceremony at Newcastle City Hall. Waltzing Matilda [videoembed type="youtube" url="" title="0" playbar="1"] Morton Bay [videoembed type="youtube" url="" title="0" playbar="1"] Advance Australia Fair - Australian National Anthem [videoembed type="youtube" url="" title="0" playbar="1"]

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TMP Dance Studios

Tina Moore Dance School (TMP Dance Studios) performed at the Swansea Carols. [videoembed type="youtube" url=""] [videoembed type="youtube" url=""] [videoembed type="youtube" url=""]

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Matt Purcell

Matt Purcell Singing at Swansea Carols [videoembed type="youtube" url=""] Matt Purcell Formalities [videoembed type="youtube" url=""]

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Newy 87.8 FM is a narrowcast FM radio station established in 2014 targeting Classic Hits music enthusiasts across Newcastle and The Central Coast, Australia. The station plays 50s 60s 70s and some 80s music. The station can be streamed online via this website or smart phone apps such as Tunein.