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Online Streaming

Hunter Television aims to showcase our region to a worldwide audience, our station will be seen on the following websites, we have a distribution server in a Sydney data centre which will deliver our picture to various destinations. Our 1080p picture will be sent at a bitrate of 8megabits per second and our server will transcode this at varying bit rates for each CDN, we will add more to this list in the coming weeks.

  • YouTube Live
  • Bambuser
  • (Only active for live music programs).



Mobile Device

We will shortly release an app for both IOS and Android platforms.



Worldwide Delivery

We are able to deliver our program using RTMP or MPEG-TS anywhere in the world for your cable network or IPTV platform.



Watch Now

Our livestream is currently under test, we started full-hd streaming on the 5th May 2014. We are testing each CDN one by one and trialing a number of playout programs.

NOTE: If you watch this video on a mobile phone, it’s currently on low bitrate. When we launch Hunter TV we will pay for a PRO account which will fix this issue. Computer users can view the stream in 720p 1mbit/s.


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Newy 87.8 FM is a narrowcast FM radio station established in 2014 targeting Classic Hits music enthusiasts across Newcastle and The Central Coast, Australia. The station plays 50s 60s 70s and some 80s music. The station can be streamed online via this website or smart phone apps such as Tunein.