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today12 September 2014 57

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Hunter TV LIVE streamed the Fletcher Community Centre Opening on the 14th September 2014, watch the 2 videos below.

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Paul Harragon, Carly and Tresne from My Kitchen Rules, Big Dog and a host of entertainers and sports groups will help open Fletcher’s first community centre at Sanctuary Estate on Sunday, September 14.

UrbanGrowth NSW (previously Landcom) has worked closely with Newcastle City Council to construct the $2.2million community centre, which will allow the community to host events, run activities and provide a base for the local netball, soccer, cricket and tennis clubs.

Nicknamed “The Hub” due to its location within Sanctuary’s Hub neighbourhood, the community centre complements the state-or-the-art sports fields completed in late 2012.

Robert Sullivan of UrbanGrowth NSW said the community centre was the first of its kind in Fletcher and provided quality facilities for a wide range of community groups.

“Residents can meet, learn new skills and coordinate local projects at the centre,” Mr Sullivan said. “We believe the centre and sports precinct will become the heart of the growing Fletcher community.

“The Hub neighbourhood recently launched its latest land release which has proven popular due its location close to the community centre, sporting fields, a proposed commercial centre and Fletcher village.

“We are excited to officially open the Community Centre with a fun-filled family day for the whole community,” Mr Sullivan said.

The official opening includes:

• Meet Chief Paul Harragon and Big Dog
• Decorate cupcakes with Carly and Tresne
• Visit the Bringing Blackbutt to You area and take a look at the animals
• Jumping castle
• Face painters, clowns and a magician
• Minmi Fire Brigade
• Netball and soccer demonstrations
• Sausage sizzle and food vans
• Free coffee for the first 50 people


Microphone seems all ready to go. Good morning ladies and gentleman, welcome to the opening of the Fletcher Community Centre my name is Charles Bartlett i’m representing UrbanGrowth NSW this morning, and it’s my good fortune to be able to introduce you to some special guests and dignitaries that are here to take commemoration of this building by cutting of this ribbon and unveiling of the plaque which has been prepared specially for the day. UrbanGrowth is certainly very pleased to be able to have this little morning and family day and we hope you’ll all enjoy it. But first, let me welcome to the morning the Deputy Lord Mayor of the Newcastle Council, Councillor Brad Luke and also Councillors David Compton, Jason Dunn here this morning, and also the member for Wallsend Sonia Hornery has joined us and Sonia has been a great support of the Sanctuary project for many years and has been to the most of our openings, Sonia, thank you for coming along. And also here is the acting principal of Bishop Tyrrell College, Leanne Link, so they’re here to join with your all in cutting this ribbon. But firstly for UrbanGrowth the finishing of the community centre which has followed about 12 months after the recreation playing fields were completed last year, is that part of the project for us which signifies the completion of the community and public facilities that everyone that comes to live in Sanctuary can enjoy from this day forward. And we are very proud of the building, we think it looks fantastic. From the street here it represents a single level building with some color and grandeur and scale with a welcoming entrance and as you wonder in you have magnificent views over the playing fields and we invite you all to have a look a little later this morning to wonder into the building and have a look at the terrific views of the sports fields. Then below all of the change facilities and a Kiosk and the like that will support the sporting activities of those clubs, schools and people that can enjoy playing on this new ground. Without further adieu I will introduce councillor Brad Luke to say a few words and then cut the ribbon to signify the building’s opening. Thank you.


Thank you very much. Just firstly the City of Newcastle acknowledges that we are meeting on the traditional county of the Awabakal and Warrami peoples and we recognise and respect their cultural heritage, beliefs and continuing relationship with the land and that they are the proud survivors of 200 years of dispossession and council reiterates it’s commitment to address disadvantages and attain justice for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoples in this community and I would like to acknowledge my fellow councillors, councillor Dunn and Councillor competition and Sonia, the State Member for Wallsend. Also just want to thank UrbanGrowth NSW for inviting me to participate in this event, for providing this absolutely beautiful community facility, I think it’s a fantastic facility for the growing community out here and in particular just mentioning EJE Architects who have developed the fantastic design for this community centre and just a week ago if you are not aware, it was recognised for the 2014 Lower Hunter urban design awards and looking around, if you have a look, you will see why as soon as you look through. Well the Fletcher community Centre has been officially turned over to council now as an asset, one that we will manage, and maintain on behalf of the community in this area. We have issued tenders at this point seeking expressions of interest to the management of this facility and we intend it to be managed in a way that achieves good positive community focused outcomes for the community. The emphasis is truly on community, it’s bringing people together, get to know one another and enjoy being neighbours, council wants this facility to offer and support community programs and activities that service the local and broader community in this area. And those activities will include a range of things, but they will support life long learning, health and well being, recreation and culture, and with this site being utilised for a variety of community groups and organisations and individuals for a diverse range of activities. Today’s family fun day of activities will give you a taste of what’s to come with this event and it’s my pleasure now to open this facility on behalf of the City of Newcastle and turn it over to you, the community and residents of this area. Thank you.



And that plaque will be fixed on the wall of the building a little later so it’s there for everybody to understand that the building was built in partnership between UrbanGrowth NSW and Newcastle City Council. The one person I didn’t mention in my introduction was our Sanctuary ambassador and a person who really doesn’t need to be introduced to anyone and he is Paul the Chief Harragon who is here this morning, Paul, welcome and Paul, you always on these occasions can find a few words so I invite you to the microphone to say a few things as the Sanctuary Ambassador.

Thanks very much, it’s always a great occasion to see a bit of red tape being sliced, it means good things, that’s what it’s all about today, I want to say hello and welcome to everyone and all the residents and special guests today, but it’s a pretty amazing day today and this facility is very unique for you guys, it’s going to be a focal point of the community, the hub of the precinct and it will create interaction amongst here and also the surrounding communities as well will have interactions here so it’s just a great win for this area. There is great potential in utilising these spaces as a springboard to create bigger and better and more inclusive communities and I reckon we have really set the benchmark in this region which I think Sanctuary has been doing for a long long time. So it’s all about today, it’s a gala day, a celebration and it’s all about what Sanctuary living is all about and this community centre will create the environment for a really healthy and well balanced interactive lifestyle, for everyone to be involved in sport which is my passion and fitness and those ovals that where released a fair while ago now are just amazing and this sporting facility, this precinct also community initiatives, community groups, everyone who utilises this centre is just going to be top notch. But today, it’s going to be a big day, if you are a kid you are going to have a ball, there are so many activities, and also for the adults as well so I encourage everyone to stick around, have some fun, maybe try some things that you normally wouldn’t do and i’ve got to tell you, i’ve gone through the official program, it’s jam packed, you can get those when you walk through the door, you can see exactly what’s happening today and as I said I encourage everyone to get out there and maybe try something that you normally wouldn’t do, also, the council have these showbags as well, it’s all about the voice, you can get in and have you say, so grab those things. And there is a heap of community local businesses and community groups who are going to be utilising this in the future and what’s really good is you guys to get involved get a pamphlet and know what’s coming in so you can get involved and be a part of it, I think the exciting thing is, this is just the tip of the ice beg of what you guys can do with this facility. The Council are going to be here to provide you with information to show how you can hire the centre for yourself so I encourage everyone to go through and have a good look, the top and the bottom and you can work out some initiatives and things you want to do with this centre, so I encourage everyone to do that. The bottom line is, I want to say well done to everyone for the day and throughout the years of course there has been a lot of cooperation and a lot of collaboration in making this thing happen and the result is, well it’s just stunning. Everyone, i’ll see you out there in the activities, let’s have a good time and enjoy. Thank You.


Thanks everyone, not much more for me to say, other than have a great day, as Paul said, come and look at your building, it’s here for you to enjoy for the rest of the day, as with all the activities, so thanks for coming this morning, I hope some of you get here nice and early, got that cup of tea, whatever was on offer there and enjoy this beautiful blue sky day, cheers.


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